cc552202163c7dc0b307689bcc25767bThe Center for Chiropractic Progress is a non-profit organization whose mission is to perpetuate the authentic transmission of the principles of Chiropractic through seminars, specifically the Philosophy Diplomate program (DPhCS), and to fund research and projects that are congruent with these principles. The Center for Chiropractic Progress serves as the sponsor of the DPhCS program.

All proceeds received for the DPhCS program go toward supporting philosophically-sound Chiropractic programs and research. This is an investment not only in YOUR future as a Chiropractor, but also in the future of the profession you love. As the original architect of the Diplomate Program Fred H. Barge, DC, PhC, stated, “A great profession can only be sustained through the authentic transmission of its principles from generation to generation.”

Why Philosophy

2a6a90edac66e9341b39970b37f85285s-01Our Chiropractic Philosophy forms the basis for how you approach each case. It provides the basis of your thought process and an avenue to assimilate today’s science into your patient care, making you the best Chiropractor you can be. The Philosophy of Chiropractic is not merely the study of abstract principles. It encompasses an understanding of the processes of health “ease” and its absence “dis-ease” (in-coordination).

New Diplomate class Dates announced!

The new Diplomate class will be held in Chicago Illinois and will begin this spring. Dates are as follows. In 2019: March 29-31, May 17-19, September 20-22 and November 1-3. Due to the Covid response we have had to change the dates to the following:  Year four dates in 2022 are March, May, September, and November.

To be eligible for this class you must have completed your LCP, SCP or ACP. Classes will be held at the Residence in O’Hare.  Click HERE to make your hotel reservation and click the “Buy Now” paypal link (above right) to secure your spot. Those wishing to register, please email the center at info@ChiroProgress.org