Thank you for your generosity!

Because of your selfless gift, we can continue our work for the future of the profession. You will be contacted very soon by our Board to extend our personal thanks, as well as answer any questions you might have. Your donation will be used in its entirety to achieve the charge of our departed dear friend and mentor, Dr. FH Barge. His words are actually our stated purpose as well:

“A great profession can only be sustained through the authentic transmission of its principles from generation to generation.”

Fred H Barge, DC, PhC, LCP

Given this prompting, The Center sought to see this goal realized. We seek to achieve this ambition through education and research. Both by educating current and future generations of Chiropractors and students, as well as working to ensure the scientific exploration of the concepts within those Chiropractic principles, Dr Barge’s goal is realized.


As such The Center exclusively offers The Colloquium year-long program leading to the Legion of Chiropractic Philosophers designation (LCP), as well as the continued second and third year leading to Diplomate in Chiropractic Philosophical Standards (DPhCS) program. You can read more about those programs by following the links highlighted in this paragraph. This program creates certainty of purpose within the attendees through greater understanding of our profession’s philosophy and its utility in practice. Making the principles Dr. Barge mentions meaningful and valuable in your practice is a charge we do not take lightly. There is simply no equal to these acclaimed programs.


The Center realizes there has been a tremendous lack of direction in Chiropractic research. This process has been largely isolated from the concepts of what REAL Chiropractors actually do in practice day in and day out. What has been produced seems divorced from the interests of those of us in the field practicing. It is time for that to end and the focus of research return to answering questions that MATTER.

To that end, The Center is committed to providing a laser focus upon finding answers that will help you achieve your goal—being the best Chiropractor you can be and having the tools you need to show your community what your real value is. Not only via research, but sponsoring the very successful Adaptability Research Symposiums that allowed the greatest research minds in the world an opportunity to address the Chiropractic profession’s research needs. Some details of our current work can be found at this RESEARCH link.

The Future…

Because of your charitable gift, The Center can increase the speed at which these vital goals are achieved. We are so appreciative you share our concern for ensuring the future of the profession. As The Center gains speed, the future of our profession brightens and today’s (and tomorrow’s) students will be able to ascend to their rightful place in the minds of the public.